AFTF Scavenger Hunt

Look for Manny Quinn, the drawing mannequin at various locations around the AFTF. Each time you see him, there is a task you can complete which enters you into a drawing for a Family 5 Pack of tickets to visit Diggerland USA in West Berlin, New Jersey.

Tag @pvartfest and use #aftf2019 in EVERY post to be eligible

The Art and Food Truck Festival Social Media Scavenger Hunt

Look for Manny Quinn at various locations around the AFTF. Each time you see him, there is a task you can complete which enters you into a drawing for a Family Five Pack of tickets to visit Diggerland in West Berlin, New Jersey.

If you would like to participate, do the action listed below, tag @pvartfest and use #aftf2019 to enter.


The Cow and The Curd

Stretch a cheese curd as long as you possibly can and take a selfie

Matt Smith Caricature Artist

Post a picture of your drawn caricature side by side with a picture of the subject

K-12 Progression Art Wall

Take a selfie with your favorite student art.

Tee It Up

Take a photo of your favorite PV Ink T-shirt

Big Plaid Wolf

Take a photo at the booth with the owner, Mary Lobo, howling like a wolf

Children’s Dentistry of Trappe

Visit their booth and take a humorous photo with the oversized toothbrush

Action Shot!

Take a photo/video of someone in your family running around the Kidz Zone!

Chalk Wall

Take a photo of your artistic addition to our chalk wall. Tell us what it is in case we can’t guess

Student Power!

Watch a student demonstration and take a picture or video of their presentation

Take the Stage

Post a photo or video of your favorite performer/band at the festival

Art Teacher Selfie!

Find your favorite Art Teacher and take a selfie with them. You can check out their Art Department bios on IG to find them.  

You Are an Astronaut

Take a photo at the Berman Museum Astronaut photo booth.

Who Is Game?  

Take a photo or video of you or someone in your family playing a game in the Kidz Zone

Shopping Spree

Take a photo of something you purchased from a vendor

Happy Little Trees

Take a photo or video of someone making art at the Art and Food Truck Festival

Food Truck Feedback

Take a photo of your food BEFORE you eat it. Tag that food truck on social media to let them know what you thought AFTER you ate it.

Windows to Your Soul

Take a selfie through one of the Andersen Renewal window displays

Take Us Home Tonight

Visit Main Line Animal Rescue or Dogtopia of Limerick

Amber’s Henna

Get a henna tattoo and post your photo

Food For All

Visit the Kimberton Whole Foods booth and take a picture of your donation to the the Daily Bread Food Pantry. Use #FoodForAll in addition to the #aftf2019 hashtag

What Smells In Here, Not Me.

Visit Hokum Wares and take a pic of how you feel after smelling your favorite soap or body care items

Rock. Paper. Scissors

Find their booth and pose with the comically large scissors

Gallery Favorites

Take photos of your favorite artwork from the progression wall

Photobooth Magic

Get your picture taken with our professional photo booth in the Competition Gym lobby and share it on social media

Amber Is the Color of Your Energy

Visit Amber’s Henna and get a henna tattoo. Post your new body art!

Clay All Day

Visit Black Sheep Pottery, Light Bird Crafts, or another vendor that has created something with clay. Snap a picture of something that caught your eye.

Where’s My Checkbook?  

Did you make a purchase from one of our vendors or artists? Share with us what you found!

I Could Be In Pictures

Find the easels that have famous paintings recreated on canvas with the faces cut out. Put your face in the opening and snap a photograph. You could be in Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait, in Grant Wood’s American Gothic, Edvard Munch’s The Scream, Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi, or Leonard Di Vinci’s Mona Lisa

What’s the 411?  

Visit a booth with summer experiences, lessons or after school activities and get some info. Share what you learned with the people on your social media and us!

Shake A Hand

Find any of the sponsors who made this event possible and take a photo of you shaking hands with the person repping them today. (Hint: Sponsors are located on columns throughout the event)

You Dig?

Go to our Instagram page and repost our shoutout to Diggerland USA for their donation of the family five pack of tickets for this contest.

All Wet

Take a Boomerang, Vine, or Slo-Motion capture of a Staff Member getting dunked in the dunk tank.

Everything is Better with Friends

Snap a selfie of you and your friends at the event. Post about what your favorite parts of the AFTF

Volunteers Make It Possible

Ask a volunteer if you can get a picture with them and thank them for giving up their Saturday for you and the community. Volunteers are wearing blue shirts

Swag, swag, swag

Post some photos of the PV Art Department swag. Did you buy a new t-shirt?  Did you get a magnet for your car?