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Q: Is there a cost to this event?

A: No. It is free admission to the community of Perkiomen Valley School District businesses, families, and friends. There are some extra activities that require tickets to be purchased however. You can check on those activities on the About Page

Q: Where do I park?

A: Check out our parking lot map for specifics on parking.

Event Parking          Parking Map

Q: Do all vendors take credit card?

A: Some do, but others deal only in cash. It’s a good idea to bring a checkbook just to be safe.

Q: Will I have to wear a mask at the event?

A: Our district highly recommends wearing a mask indoors especially when you cannot social distance. Please see our information on Covid on our Health & Safety page

Q: Are all the features of the KidsZone and at the event FREE?

A: Attractions in the KidsZone are FREE but activities like the SuperGameTrailer, Laser Tag, Dunk Tank, and some Interactive Art Experiences will require tickets for purchase at the Art Department Booth


Inside vs Outside- All vendors are inside the gymnasium, unless you request to be outside. This is a rain or shine event. A tent may be needed for extreme heat or rain. We do not provide tents.

Fees- You are paying for a space. 

Discounted Fee- If you refer someone new to our event and they fill out an application/submit payment, please send an email making us aware of that and we can reimburse you. The discount is $20 off your vendor fee.  

Table and Chairs- Each vendor is given the amount of tables and chairs they selected on the application. Tables and chairs are included with your vendor fee. You may bring additional structures as long as they fit in your space’s dimensions. 

Tents- If you prefer to be outside, you must bring your own tent if you need one. This is a rain or shine event so plan accordingly. 

Payment-You vendor fee should be paid at the time you fill out your application to keep the process moving. If you submit an application without your payment, you will not be guaranteed a space until then. 

WiFi- We do provide access to WiFi. A password will be given the day of the event. 

Check-ins- You will check-in/set-up between 10:00 -11:00 AM. Event volunteers will be provided to assist with unloading your vehicle. Flat hand carts will be available.

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